Amateur Radio Relay League and the Federal Communications Commission
Club Information
Amateur Radio Relay League
What is going on in the Pacific Division?  Pacificon, Section Managers, and a lot more. ARRL Pacific Division
Check up on all Section news.ARRL Sacramento Section (SV)
The full color Band Plan chart shows all of the US amateur radio bands effective March 5, 2012.Band Plan
If you need to find an article that was published in QST, this database allows article searches and dlownloads of QST articles from 1915 to December 2011.  QST issues begining in January, 2012, can be access through the digital QST archive link that appears in every issue of digital QST.QST Articles
Federal Communications Commission
FCC "Paperless" Amateur Radio License Policy.Link
The amateur radio services are for qualified persons of any age wo are intereted in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary intrest.  These services present an opportunity for self - training, intercommunications, and technical investigations.Amateur Radio Service
The Univeral Licensing System (ULS) License Search enables you to search for a wide range of combinations in the Amateur services.FCC License Search
The ULS contains everything you need to easily renew your License electronically.FCC Universal Licensing System
If you prefer not to renew on-line, use the NCVEC Form 605 and send it to the GEARS VEC on the VEC / License page here.NCVEC Form 605
The FCC provides a full color chart depicting all of the US amateur radio bands with new band allocations that became effective March, 5, 2012.US Amateur Radio Band Chart
The FCC site also provides forms relative to Amateur Radio including address change notice, request for vanity call sign, and more.FCC Forms
You can also find the current version of Part 97 Rules and Regulations on the FCC site.Part 97 Rules and Regulations