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ReferenceAC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference GuideAC6V
ManufacturerAlinco Radio ProductsAlinco
HistoryHistory of American RadioAmerican History
ManufacturerAstron CorporationAstron
AntennasBuddiepole AntennasBuddipole
EquipmentChico Power Equipment Inc.Chico Power
ManufacturerCushcraftCushcraft Site
EquipmentDX EngineeringDX Engineering Site
ReferenceeHam Reviews/ReferenceeHam
EquipmentBuxcomm - All Kinds of StuffBuxcomm Site
EquipmentPalomar Engineering - All Kinds of StuffPalomar
EquipmentHam Radio OutletHRO
AntennasHy-Gain ProductsHy-Gain
Equipment - UsedQTH ClassifiedQTH
ManufacturerICOM Amateur Radio ProductsICOM
ManufacturerKenwood - USA ProductsKenwood
EquipmentMFJ ProductsMFJ
ReferenceVoice of America Coverage Analysis Program - HF PropagationVOACAP
ReferenceWebSDR - San FranciscoWebsite
ReferenceNorthern Amateur Relay Council of CANARCC
EquipmentPowerwerx ProductsPowerwerks
Equipment;RF Parts CompanyRFParts
ReferenceSpace Weather WomanSWW Site;
ReferenceStorm Spotting from HomeStorm Spotting
ReferenceARRL SkywarnSkywarn
EquipmentThe Wire ManWireMan
ManufacturerYaesu WebsiteYAESU
Local ClubYuba Sutter Amateur Radio ClubYSARC
Local ClubGolden Empire Amateur Radio SocietyGEARS
Local ClubGlen Amateur Radio SocietyGARS
Local ClubOroville Amateur Radio ClubORAC
EquipmentCable X-PertsCable X-Perts