Field Day 2019 – Bottle Hill

Spring JABOCH & Gold Nugget Days 2019

Breakfast Events

Donations to PARS – Just Some Of Them!

Larry’s Tower Becomes Chris’s Tower

Winter Field Day – January 26, 2019

JABOCH Mini-Field Day September 28th – 30th ’18

Feather River Emergency Preparedness Fair Sept 12 & 13, ’18

Field Day 2018:  Bottle Hill

Get On The Air Event – KiwiFest June 2, 2018

Gold Nugget Days:  April 28, 2018

Feather River Event: SEPT 21, 2017

Silent Key Antenna Removal: May 13, 2017

Site Construction:  June 2010 to October 2010:  There was one family that has a cabin in the area that allowed us to get water from the well. We took a 5k generator, cement mixer, & two 80 gal water tanks, which we pressurized with air for water flow. Another mixer was brought for a total of two for the main cement work. There was also a smaller generator once the mixers weren’t needed, to charge battery operated tools. A Ford pick-up bed trailer was used to haul  equipment in, and another guy had a Toyota pick-up bed was used to get water many times.  Of course, the Jeep was used too.